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As healthcare reform has evolved, the relationship between the physician and the patient has remained the center of healthcare delivery. Medical physicians practice management consultants help healthcare providers achieve the highest-quality patient care while optimizing patient, provider, and system benefits.

Today’s health systems have many physician relationships, ranging from loose affiliations to fully employed models. As more risk is shifted to the provider under value-based reimbursement, physician relationships need to be aligned with the provider organization in working toward shared goals for high-quality care. This alignment benefits patients, physicians, and the health system.

Our healthcare professionals help physician enterprises, hospitals, and health systems design, develop, and implement solutions that foster high-performing physician organizations and align these organizations with hospitals and healthcare systems. We recognize that each organization has its own particular strategic, operational, Healthcare workforce management, and financial challenges, and we tailor our solutions and delivery to achieve the potential of your physician enterprise. Our solutions include:

Physician Alignment
Guidehouse provides important support for physician strategies and advisory services, including a broad continuum of physician affiliation relationships with hospitals and health systems.

Performance Effectiveness
We can help providers achieve their goals through comprehensive operational analyses, which highlight opportunities for improvements.

Physician Compensation and Incentives
We assist physician organizations in designing and developing compensation and incentive plans that support their strategic goals and objectives.

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