Identifying Sustainable Biofuel Feedstock

Guidehouse offers strategic advice to oil companies moving into the biofuel arena


Oil companies in the EU are obligated to place renewable energy in the transport market. Many companies select biofuels as their sustainable choice. Vital questions then become what type of fuel is best based on the feedstock and how can one secure a sustainable supply?


Guidehouse assisted oil companies with understanding the market prospects for biofuels and identifying sustainable biofuel feedstock, sourcing both regions and sectors. For preferred markets (countries, sectors), Guidehouse assessed transportation and policy developments, in addition to the deployment of alternatives, including electric driving, to project market value (volume and price levels).

For oil companies that are processing or trading feedstocks, Guidehouse identified types by the feedstock, explored the potential in main sourcing regions, researched competing demands from other sectors, assessed past price developments for many commodities, and projected future price levels. The team also analyzed technology pathways, their cost, performance, and technological readiness to best fit with the ambitions and current operations of Guidehouse’s clients.


Guidehouse’s clients gained an in-depth understanding on biofuel strategies, technologies, feedstock sourcing, and partner networks. Through the team’s advice and knowledge, clients were able to further develop their goals and commitment to drive development and design future business roadmaps.

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