Assessing Enterprise-Wide Fleet Electrification

Guidehouse evaluated an investor-owned energy company’s current fleet to help develop a roadmap for future fleet electrification


A Fortune 100 investor-owned energy company operating in multiple regions throughout the US sought support to conduct an assessment for enterprise-wide fleet electrification of its vehicles. The energy company wanted a summary of the current state of its fleet, characterizing local supply chain viability to meet its electrification needs over the next 10 years.


Guidehouse developed a comprehensive inventory of the company’s current state of fleet and related fueling/charging infrastructure across the enterprise. The team characterized primary vehicle use cases, constraints, and key opportunity areas. The team then conducted a comprehensive external review of vehicle and part availability by class and use case. A menu of Class 1-8 electric vehicle options was developed for identified opportunity areas, and key considerations for electrification (e.g., charging, O&M, user experience) were identified. The team assessed fleet electrification potential based on operational requirements of primary use cases, market availability, and overall cost implications. Finally, the team determined the scenario-based potential under different assumptions and overall cost implications.


The company used Guidehouse’s findings to develop a roadmap for enterprise fleet electrification 2020 targeting 30% of utility fleet vehicles by 2025 and 50% by 2030. The company also expects to leverage findings to support customers interested in fleet electrification.

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