Guidehouse's Joseph Campbell Discusses Recent College Bribery Scandal

WTOP and E&C Pulse Interview

The college admissions scandal began with a southern California man reportedly tipping off the FBI. The investigation has resulted in 50 people being indicted with taking part in a scheme where wealthy parents bribed coaches that helped rig test scores to get their children into some of the nation's most selective universities.

Guidehouse's Joseph Campbell was a former FBI agent and used to perform investigations similar to the college admissions scandal. In an interview with WTOP, Campbell shared that, based on his experience with the FBI, it is likely "they put together a task force with FBI, IRS, and Department of Justice prosecutors. It had to be operated in multiple jurisdictions, led by the Boston FBI field office, and really get out and hustle regarding working with the cooperating witness, identifying other parents that were involved, and other individuals supporting Singer, subjects, that type of thing."

When asked what universities can do, Campbell, in an interview with E&C Pulse, Campbell suggested "university leaders must drive a culture of compliance and ethics throughout the organization through consistent and widespread communication and regular training."

Campbell also recommends that universities implement a strong whistle-blower program that is accessible to both staff and student and implement internal audits that should test the execution of existing controls, incorporate steps that recognize fraud indicators and anomalies associated with historical weaknesses and those that are indicative of emerging risks.



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