COVID-19 Addressing Community Stress and Resilience

Abdul Shaikh, Pavel Zaprudsky & Amy Yaroch, Executive Director - Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition

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The rapid proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented public health challenge for federal, state and local authorities. Given the need to control the spread of the virus, evolving directives for front-line providers, business closures, and social distancing have been highly disruptive to essential healthcare, social services, and economic activities leading to a significant increase in individual and community stress. The speed and magnitude of change is forcing jurisdictions and communities to find new ways to cope with stress and build resilience – a challenge that represents immediate and long-term risks to our individual and societal health. This document provides a framework and strategies that can help government agencies, commercial, and non-profit organizations enhance and support community stress resilience initiatives using proactive, targeted and meaningful engagement.

In this paper we address:

  • Sources of Stress during the coronavirus pandemic
  • The need for addressing community stress resiliency
  • Enhancing community resiliency
  • Key strategies for community stress intervention
  • Community stress resilience for environmental contamination


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