The Myth of Skyrocketing Drug Prices: A Closer Look at The US Gross to Net Problem

Pharmexec Article by Chance Scott, Erik Sabot and Kathryne Kirk

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While there has been an increase in discourse concerning drug pricing transparency in recent years, the topic is complex due to continuously changing regulatory and commercial landscapes. The healthcare industry is composed of numerous stakeholders with potentially competing interests. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, and intermediaries such as drug distributors and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) all contribute to an amorphous drug pricing climate. As a result, there are some common misconceptions around how drug pricing and subsequent increases are truly manifested.

In this article we address:

  • Increasing list pricing - a misleading story
  • A second look - assessment of WAC vs. ASP
  • A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective - Do competing interests leave patients out in the cold?

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