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Frits Bliek

Associate Director

Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure

Utrecht +31 0 30 662 3112

Areas of Expertise

Frits Bliek, is an associate director leading the Smart Energy Cloud development. He has 18+ years of experience in innovation management and energy management consultancy. Frits has a strong track record in developing new concepts for the energy market and setting up the supporting organizations. He received multiple international awards for his inspiring work on (multi-commodity) smart energy markets, communities and solutions and is regarded as one of the thought leaders in this field.

With an entrepreneurial creative mindset, he advises organizations in developing innovative solutions and supporting strategies to creative new business and shareholder value. His experience covers the entire energy value chain in both the electricity and oil & gas industry in diverse global markets including: business transformation, change-management, business model & process design, IT & data architecture design, operational excellence, technology strategy and implementation. He has extensive experience with complex multi-stakeholder processes and decision making as well as building alliances, which have impact that matters.

Frits focusses on solutions that support decarbonizing of the global economy to address climate change and a shift toward an increasingly clean, intelligent, mobile, and distributed energy ecosystem. The current linear value chains supporting one-way power flow from centralized generation to end customers will give way to a more sustainable, highly digitized, and dynamic energy system. Moving toward a multidirectional network of networks and away from a linear hub-and-spoke model, this system will support two-way energy flows in which customer choice, clean energy, innovation, and agility command a premium leading us to a fully sustainable economically viable energy system.

Frits has set-up and guided numerous start-ups and organizations in developing smart energy solutions, lighthouse projects and standards, among them are PowerMatching City and the Universal Smart Energy Framework. Guidehouse is at the forefront of the energy transformation process and Frits helps clients, smart cities and regions to navigate through this change process by developing roadmaps and capture business opportunities. Guidehouse’s Energy Cloud vision helps clients to understand the challenges and opportunities in the energy market and find suitable strategic options and business models for them.

PhD, Atomic Physics and thermonuclear plasma fusion, University of Groningen.
Msc, Energy Physics, University of Utrecht.
PrinceII practitioner
Membership and Activity Information
Supervisory Board (treasurer), Jan Lighthart Foundation, 2017 – Present
Advisory Board, CECEPS, 2016 – Present
Advisory Board, ERANET SG+, 2017 – Present
Advisory Board, BSc and MSc program of physics and astronomy RuG, 2017 - Present

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Bliek Frits, Guidehouse

Frits Bliek

Associate Director

+31 0 30 662 3112

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