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Michael R Hoffman works with clients, trade organizations and influencers to improve citizen's, customer's and client's well being via next generation strategy, solutions and technology designs.
As a director in the Guidehouse Public Sector Financial Services Segment, Michael uses his extensive experience in financial services, government, analytics technologies and tech start-ups to advise executives on "why" and "how to" envision, quantify and execute their strategies to achieve sustainable, responsible, measurable, repeatable excellent outcomes.
Michael currently works with government and financial institutions on ways to eliminate expense and risk using emerging technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger technologies (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), institutional wisdom libraries, digital identity and metaverse design solutions.
Hoffman's work digiting how US government agencies work with constituents, banks and citizens have saved tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of millions of dollars across government and financial service companies. Michael's designs for intuitive, mobile-first, financial solutions with embedded risk and performance analytics have modernized several institution's operations and culture.

Michael is a pioneer and world renown customer experience leader. He designed the CxC Customer Experience Matrix, the leading framework for depicting enterprise customer centricity and customer experience as described in his book, Customer Worthy, Why and How Everyone in your Organization Must Think Like a Customer! With nearly half a million downloads, Customer Worthy has become one of the most influential business books on customer experience.

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