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Energy, Sustainability, & Infrastructure

Boulder, CO +1.303.493.5483

Areas of Expertise

Adam Knickelbein is an associate director in Clean Energy Programs within the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment. He has more than ten years of experience in the energy industry. Adam's primary expertise lies in helping electric and gas utilities with their energy efficiency and demand side management (EE/DSM) resources. His experience runs from market potential and market assessment studies through the evaluation of utilities' portfolio of EE/DSM programs.

Adam's chief responsibilities include the management of research and evaluation activities. He has experience with the analysis of energy efficiency measures in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. His skill set includes research planning, sample design and extrapolation, engineering analysis, field data collection, onsite metering and verification, simulation modeling, staff training, and quality assurance of final deliverables.

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado-Boulder
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