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At Guidehouse, Fernando’s most recent AML projects include overseeing large Staff Augmentation Projects, Transaction Monitoring backlog reviews, OFAC Sanctions lookbacks, PEP Alert reviews and CDD/KYC projects for large financial institutions. Some of these projects employ teams that are geographically dispersed and located across the US, India and Lithuania. Fernando’s experience also includes developing AML Compliance Programs and Risks Assessments to prevent money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing activities.
Prior to joining Guidehouse, Fernando worked as Director of Global AML/Anti-Fraud Compliance at MoneyGram International focusing on Regulatory Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Suspicious Activity Investigations & Reporting, Program Development, Training and Project Management. While in this role, Fernando led a team of 80+ compliance professionals based in Frisco, TX and Warsaw, Poland. This team was responsible for implementing a global AML/Anti-Fraud Compliance program and ensuring that more than 150 Regional Compliance Officers around the globe were executing the program consistently and effectively according to its requirements. Fernando’s team also conducted backend AML alert reviews, investigations and reporting of suspicious activity in accordance with BSA and local AML compliance regulations.

Fernando also managed a Regulatory Assurance team that provided documentation and responses to State and Federal examiners, as well as other international regulatory bodies that performed various examinations on the company’s compliance program. This team was also responsible for any tactical remediation plans that would be required as part of the examination results.
In addition to the above, Fernando worked very closely with MoneyGram’s Monitor to enhance and maintain an industry leading AML/Anti-Fraud Compliance program as required under a DPA signed between the company and the US Department of Justice in November 2012.

Master’s degree, Business Administration (MBA), Cleveland State University, Ohio
Master’s degree, Industrial Engineering, University of Concepcion, Chile
Bachelor of Engineering, University of Concepcion, Chile

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