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Jeroen Scheepmaker (MSc) is a Director at Guidehouse, where he supports international companies and their supply chain partners. He aims to make businesses more sustainable and show the benefits of green business opportunities. Jeroen, who joined Guidehouse through the acquisition of Ecofys in 2016, was instrumental in setting up two green business strategies, "Science Based Target Setting" and "One Planet Thinking."

His areas of expertise include: setting up CSR and carbon strategies, moderating sessions and workshops, and implementing green supply chain initiatives.


Select Engagements:

  • Supported Sustainability Strategy EU, 2017: At Guidehouse, Jeroen supported a pharmaceutical company based in the EU with developing a sustainability strategy and an employee engagement program. It resulted in an appealing vision, a strong strategy consisting of three pillars, and engaged green teams who work on sustainable initiatives.
  • Integrated Reporting & Environmental P&L, 2016: Guidehouse supported a Dutch grid operator in developing a unique sustainability strategy which was able to measure the social and environmental impacts of its activities. Results of the sustainability strategy were reported in the integrated annual report, where it was awarded with the Dutch "Kristalprijs" for most transparent report.
  • Developed Ambitious Climate Strategy, 2013: During a trajectory, Jeroen led a team that challenged the carbon reduction strategy of a global home appliance manufacturer. He examined the company's carbon footprint, setup a "look and feel" benchmark, handed out possible communication, and implemented targets. This resulted in a strong climate strategy which was approved by the board and communicated globally.
  • Developed Green Value Chain Approach, 2013: Guidehouse supported a well-known toy manufacturer in setting up a green supply chain initiative. This initiative was unique because the client deliberately asked for support and commitment of their key suppliers. Jeroen led the team and facilitated and moderated the discussions during several sessions.
  • Assisted with One Planet Thinking, 2013: Jeroen assisted a European utility in setting up the framework for “One Planet Thinking,” to measure the total environmental impact of a company’s operations: Inspired by the concept, Guidehouse became one of the partners of One Planet Thinking, and supported further development of this unique initiative by organizing further roll out of One Planet Thinking. 
Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

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jeroen scheepmaker

Jeroen Scheepmaker


+31 30 662 3015

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