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Guidehouse's sustainable manufacturing consultants help manufacturing industries develop and implement a proactive approach to the climate and energy transition. By providing market intelligence on disruptive trends and up-to-date insights in new sustainable technologies and products, we enable companies to pursue the commercial opportunities that address the needs of climate transformation. 

Market intelligence
We keep clients up to date by reporting on and monitoring renewable energy and commodity price projections, as well as technology, policy, and market developments. Guidehouse’s market reports provide data and cover technology assessments, geographic market opportunities, policy tracking, board level reporting, memberships, and more.

Collaboration, partnering, and takeovers
Guidehouse helps clients build consortia, identify value chain partners, and perform due diligence and competitive research. 

Roadmapping and strategy
With scenario evaluation, megatrend impact assessment, and business strategy calibration, we can assess possible scenarios and pathways, as well as new opportunities.

Implementation support

We help set tipping points to take action and monitor progress, in addition to arranging grants, planning implementation processes, and program management.

Decarbonization programs

Guidehouse works with clients to calculate carbon impacts, design internal carbon pricing programs, set internal targets to match strategy, and link them to external target-setting programs.

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