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In today’s geopolitical climate, the risks of doing business have increased significantly for every type of organization. The adversarial landscape is not only extremely complex, it is changing relentlessly beyond the capabilities of any single organization to address on its own.

We partner with government agencies and businesses to help protect them from an array of bad actors, from nation states to criminal enterprises. And, we bring a deep cross-sectoral expertise of risks and regulations to help safeguard your organization across the geopolitical landscape.


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Cyber Breaches

From data and digital property to IP theft, we delve deep into cyber environments to help assess organizational risk, conform with regulations and shore up vulnerabilities.


Financial Loss, Waste & Abuse

The proliferation of sensitive data stored online has spurred an alarming rise in stolen information, identities, and payments. We help organizations to implement robust anti-fraud programs that include effective tools for prevention, detection, and investigation.


Complex Sanctions Environment

As governments around the world increasingly turn towards sanctions programs as a means for achieving policy and security goals, organizations need an experienced partner who understands how to navigate within their complexities.



The rise in ransomware as a tactic used by hacktivists and bad actors at all levels demands a partner who can shore up cyber vulnerabilities with prevention tools and programs that reinforce your organizational security.


Executive Cyber Risk

The quickly evolving cyber landscape demands a partner who can continually provide boards and leadership a clear, bird’s eye view of governance, policy, risk priorities, and the regulatory environment that expands their expertise as a whole.

Innovation Opportunities

  • Implementing Anti-Fraud Technologies
  • Administering Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Analyzing Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Providing Executive Risk Education
  • Preventing Fraud
  • Monitoring Sanctions
  • Assessing Sanctions Risk
  • Performing Table Top Exercises
  • Applying Zero Trust
  • Monitoring Open Source

Supporting Services


Organizations today face complex security challenges, such as phishing, trojans, ransomware, infrastructure issues, and more. Our cybersecurity consultants guide clients through technology, business, and enterprise risk management scenarios to identify and address security threats.


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Financial Crime, Fraud & Investigative Services

As masters of financial crime risk, we cover all the bases of the governance ecosystem. We leverage our combined experience to conquer challenges from ranging from financial compliance and global investigations to enforcement.


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Risk Management

Backed by extraordinary industry expertise and AI-powered analytics, we can help organizations not only respond to risk, but use it as a catalyst for organizational transformation.


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Supply Chain

Our team uses global, industry-standard measurement methods and process-improvement frameworks to analyze and recommend enhancements for end-to-end supply chain operations and sustainability.


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