Guidehouse Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks pose a significant threat to an organization’s bottom line. Our expert consultants guide clients through strategy, policy, technology, supply chain, and enterprise risk management scenarios to improve your security posture. Guidehouse cyber consultants help you gather threat intelligence, detect threats, secure your data, and strengthen identity access management. We ensure our clients are prepared to address technology risks, both now and in the future.

Industries Supported

Defense & Security

Guidehouse cybersecurity solutions help agencies maintain critical information and systems to protect the interests and ensure the security of our nation.

Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure

We provide cybersecurity solutions to commercial and public sector organizations, including cybersecurity risk management, vulnerability assessments, and supply chain risk management across the energy sector.

Financial Services

Our experts bring a wealth of experience helping financial sector clients navigate a complicated web of cyber and privacy-driven regulations and requirements.


Guidehouse delivers cybersecurity solutions to commercial and public sector organizations and multiple providers. Our team includes experts formerly responsible for protecting the US’s national security systems against cyberthreats.

State & Local Government

The public expects government agencies to protect their personal data. Guidehouse experts bring extensive cybersecurity experience from strategy through implementation so state and local governments can deliver on that promise.




Megatrends: Preserving Security

Guidehouse helps protect public and private organizations from cyber risk and more.

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Complexity demands a trusted guide with the unique expertise and cross-sector versatility to deliver unwavering success. We work with organizations across regulated commercial and public sectors to catalyze transformation and pioneer new directions for the future.

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