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For both public and private institutions, the unprecedented disruptions in ways of working over the past few years have yet to achieve the stability of a “new normal.”  These disruptions have fundamentally and permanently altered the dynamics between organizations and their employee populations in ways that continue to be redefined.  We’re helping organizations adjust to the evolving work landscape with data-driven, tech-enabled solutions that help them adapt to new modalities while, just as importantly, preparing them for future disruptions.


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Increased Attrition & Great Resignation

The needs and priorities of employers and workers are undergoing profound shifts. These changes underscore the importance of evolving the ways talent is trained and developed. We spur this transformation, enabling employers to better adjust to changing technology, close talent gaps, and solidify organizational succession.


Labor Shortages

Even as the pandemic recedes from view, many organizations continue to face shortfalls in labor, due to a variety of factors. We can help organizations address these with strategies and tactics that improve and optimize recruitment and retention.


Employee Burnout & Quiet Quitting

The last several years have tested worker resilience in unique ways. We help organizations take a head-on approach to fatigue and burnout by providing more rewarding, maintainable, and quantifiably improved workplaces with solutions.


Work Modality Shifts

As organizations grapple with the implications of hybrid, remote and other new ways of working, we help them develop solutions to their unique needs with tools to help monitor space usage, gauge engagement, and assess productivity.


Need for Data Informed Talent Decisions

More than ever, organizations need data-driven approaches to attracting, retaining, and managing talent. The renewed prioritization of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, along with efficiencies made possible by innovations in data analysis are enabling new opportunities.

Innovation Opportunities

  • Optimizing Data Engineering, Reporting & Dashboarding
  • Curating the Employee Experience
  • Enhancing Employment Branding & Marketing
  • Planning the Future of Work 
  • Managing HRIS Modernization
  • Guiding Leadership Development & Succession Planning
  • Designing & Analyzing Pulse Surveys
  • Implementing Recruitment Automation
  • Developing Reskilling & Upskilling Strategies
  • Orchestrating Workforce Analytics & Dashboarding
  • Leading Workforce Planning

Supporting Services

Change Management

Our experts work with you to change mindsets, culture, and management systems so you can navigate the challenges inherent to organizational transformation.


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Culture & Leadership

We help our clients lay the groundwork for sustainable change by engaging different parts of the workforce and providing a roadmap to guide the organization's transformation toward a diverse and inclusive culture.


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Operating Model & Org Design

Our experts work alongside our clients to help streamline processes and simplify operations while aligning with the overall goals of their businesses.


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Workforce Transformation

Our experts assist clients in identifying the critical talent necessary to achieve their complex missions, creating strategies to close any skill and capacity gaps, and deploying the necessary systems and tools to support and evaluate the effectiveness of the workforce.


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