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As both public and commercial investment in resilience soars, complexities like aging infrastructure, climate change, and social issues are converging in terms of their impact on society. That’s why we take a broader, more holistic approach that breaks down silos. We leverage these interrelationships to design, build, and operate innovative solutions that maximize impact.



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Climate Change

The rise in climate-related events and their impact on society has spotlighted the need to build resilience and innovate in areas such as decarbonization and environmental sustainability.

Built Environment

As global communities face the adverse effects of aging infrastructure, natural disasters, and planning shortfalls, we see opportunities to deliver transformative solutions.

Socio-Economic Stability

Climate, housing, and infrastructure challenges have revealed disproportionate socio-economic impacts globally. With initiatives such as environmental justice, we see opportunities to achieve greater equity, access, economic viability, and growth in society.

Financial Management & Integrity

With increased investment and new financing models comes the need to strategically prioritize projects to maximize impact. This demands deep expertise in public funding and regulations as well as private financing structures to leverage opportunities that span both sectors.

Our Insights


Key Opportunities 

Funding Opportunities

  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law / Inflation Reduction Act
  • Broadband
  • Disaster Recovery & Resilience
  • Energy Rebates
  • EV Infrastructure
  • Green Banks
  • Housing Programs
  • Hydrogen Hubs

Innovative Outcomes

  • Building Smart Cities 
  • Creating a Resilient Workforce
  • Decarbonizing the Supply Chain
  • Enabling & Assessing GHG Accounting 
  • Ensuring Compliance & Enabling Reporting 
  • Preventing Fraud

Supporting Services 

Beyond Net Zero

We provide comprehensive solutions for energy and greenhouse gas reporting and management to commercial and public sector clients across the globe.


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Customer & Citizen Engagement

We help promote a deliberate, active dialogue between citizens and public decision-makers to establish a more impactful design, strategy, and implementation processes.


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Disaster Recovery

Our experts assist communities with long-term disaster recovery strategies to build resilience in infrastructure, housing, and economic development.


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Infrastructure Recovery & Resilience

We work alongside organizations to create sustainable, resilient infrastructure for real estate, communication, transportation, power systems, and more.


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Mobility / EV

As the shift to sustainable transportation intensifies, we provide data-driven, strategy-through-execution expertise across a wide range of public and commercial stakeholder organizations.


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Environmental, Social & Governance

We help clients navigate the complexity of this emerging topic to identify and meet their ESG objectives from strategy to execution.


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Grants Management

We address the challenges facing some of the largest financial assistance programs across the federal government in areas such as compliance, due diligence, governance, internal controls, oversight, process design, program management, reporting, and technical assistance.


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Program Management

Our integrated PMO methodology helps our clients deliver complex initiatives by combining project management fundamentals with a focus on business transformation.


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Complexity demands a trusted guide with the unique expertise and cross-sector versatility to deliver unwavering success. We work with organizations across regulated commercial and public sectors to catalyze transformation and pioneer new directions for the future.

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