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Guidehouse supports payer clients who are seeking to identify key strategic provider partners that can successfully manage the total cost of care and optimize medical spend, while also helping them to develop the appropriate organizational structure needed to implement a successful payer-provider partnership.

Payer organizations exploring provider partnerships are looking for partners that have the key tools and infrastructure to successfully take on risk and manage populations. Helping the client to design the appropriate organizational structure, review and understand the optimal deal terms, and implement risk tolerance measures are key activities to helping form a successful partnership with providers.

  • Market Identification
    • Help clients to analyze which markets make the most sense from a strategic standpoint to enter, exit, and monitor
  • Provider Identification
    • Help clients identify providers in key strategic markets, analyze their ability to take on different forms of value- or risk-based contracting
  • Partnership Structure
    • Perform analysis of certain partnership terms for client’s counsel and business teams
  • Implementation
    • Identify the key gaps and needs for the new partnership and develop a thorough implementation plan to help the client successfully launch the partnership 

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