Case Study

Accelerating California’s Fleet Electrification

Guidehouse helped the California Trucking Association and Ceres identify key actions to electrify commercial transportation and reduce carbon emissions


Guidehouse, in partnership with Ceres and California Trucking Association, prepared a report funded by Amazon that defined specific actions that utilities, regulators, and policymakers can take to make fleet electrification more successful. Improved electric vehicle (EV) technology allows for lower costs, greater range, and faster charging, which is further enabling EV use in the commercial transportation sector. However, fleet operators also face challenges that may inhibit adoption.


Guidehouse Insights’ industry experts surveyed market actors with early fleet electrification projects to identify common challenges and recommended actions utilities, regulators, and policymakers could take to make electrification more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Guidehouse developed recommendations that covered:

  • Access to renewable energy
  • Alternative rate structures
  • Upfront information
  • Reliable electricity supply
  • Flexible terms and requirements
  • Streamlined paperwork and processes
  • Technology interoperability
  • Fleet electrification expertise


The Road to Fleet Electrification report was published in 2020, and marketed by Amazon, Ceres, and California Trucking Association. Through these improvements, the report asserts that electrified fleets can become an asset for a more efficient and sustainable grid, offering opportunities for the environment, businesses, and all electricity customers. Download the report.

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