The Future of Green Hydrogen Certification in Europe

In an article for Euractiv, Guidehouse discusses the ramp-up of renewable hydrogen in light of current energy crises

As Europe looks to renewables to help it break free from Russian fossil fuels, the ramp-up of green hydrogen and other renewable gases is becoming even more urgent.

In an article for Euractiv, Guidehouse experts explain that the European Union (EU) must ensure it comes up with robust criteria for green hydrogen and learn from the certification of biofuels. The European Commission’s delegated act will define the criteria for counting hydrogen and its derivatives as renewable. These criteria will determine which hydrogen will be eligible to be counted as fully renewable, not only in the evolving hydrogen market but also in renewable energy targets and green hydrogen support schemes. Green hydrogen imports will also have to comply with these criteria to count towards EU renewable energy targets.

“The uncertainty about the criteria and the implementation of the delegated act has become a major obstacle to green hydrogen market development,” said Dr. Corinna Klessmann, director at Guidehouse.

The article adds that robust certification systems will be needed to ensure that green hydrogen claims are credible and harmonized, allowing the market to grow. Additionally, full traceability of hydrogen supply chains from the origin of the renewable electricity to the supply of hydrogen is important for the overall credibility of the system.

“Green hydrogen is physically identical to other forms of hydrogen and will be mixed with other types of hydrogen and potentially other fuels, so determining whether the hydrogen supplied is ‘green’ according to the criteria will need robust administration,” explains the article. 


This article was co-authored by Sacha Alberici and Gemma Toop, associate directors at Guidehouse.

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