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Leaders Worth Following.

Our leaders offer a unique level of professional mastery solving some of the most critical issues of today within both commercial and public sectors. They pioneer the way forward and empower every member of the team to create inventive solutions that inspire client growth and enhance our strong, tenacious culture. We are leading progress as we deliver transformative results aligned with our client’s mission.

Charles Beard

Chief Operating Officer

Ted Eich

General Counsel

Alicia Harkness

Segment Leader, Public Health

Jack L. Johnson, Jr.

Segment Leader, Defense

Scott McIntyre

Chief Executive Officer

Chris O’Brien

Segment Leader, State & Local Government

Debbie Ricci

Chief Financial Officer

John Saad

Segment Leader, National Security

Jan Vrins

Segment Leader, Energy Sustainability & Infrastructure

Ellen Zimiles

Segment Leader, Financial Services Advisory and Compliance

Dave Zito

Segment Leader, Commercial Health