Guidehouse and Copperleaf Announce Strategic Alliance to Support Utilities with Critical Infrastructure Investment Decisions

Built on energy industry insights and asset investment planning software, the alliance empowers utilities to make data-driven investments

WASHINGTON – May 18, 2021 – Guidehouse, a leading global provider of consulting services to the public and commercial markets, today announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Copperleaf®, a global leader in decision analytics solutions, to support utility clients with critical infrastructure investment decisions as the energy transition intensifies.

As utilities and energy companies embark on new programs and business ventures, Guidehouse helps to transform their enterprise capital management capabilities by combining business planning, innovative transformation strategies, and integrated asset management solutions for an investment planning and portfolio optimization aimed at increasing resiliency, decarbonization, affordability, and shareholder value.

The new alliance combines Guidehouse’s utility industry expertise with Copperleaf’s Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) technology to offer data-driven assessments that enable an even more dynamic and transparent capital investment lifecycle for energy providers.

“Utilities are under pressure to transform their energy systems to be more resilient and sustainable, while providing better customer service and working within strict budgets,” says Michelle Fay, partner in Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment. “As assets age and investment decisions become more complex, we are pleased to join forces with Copperleaf to help our clients navigate a path forward with even more confidence.”

The Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution leverages operational, financial, and asset data to help utilities make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. The software is augmented by Guidehouse’s experience as a trusted advisor to utilities that have engaged Guidehouse for support as the industry rapidly transitions to one that requires a cleaner fuel supply, increased reliability, improved resilience, and more control over energy costs for customers.

“By working with Guidehouse, we are further empowering utilities to make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value, while meeting the mounting issues facing asset-intensive organizations, including pressures to optimize asset investment decisions, improve operational excellence, drive efficiencies, and support environmental sustainability,” says Miranda Alldritt, President, Americas at Copperleaf. “We look forward to helping model the innovative and transformative strategies to support the energy transition and enable our infrastructure to be more resilient, reliable, and safe.”

About Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure Segment
With more than 700 consultants, Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment is the strongest in the industry. We are the go-to partner for leaders creating sustainable, resilient communities and infrastructure, serving as trusted advisors to utilities and energy companies, large corporations, investors, NGOs, and the public sector. We’ve solved big challenges with the world’s 60 largest electric, water, and gas utilities; the 20 largest independent power generators; five of the 10 largest oil & gas majors; the 20 largest gas distribution and pipeline companies; European governments; and the US federal government’s civilian agencies involved in the country’s land, resources, and infrastructure. We combine our passion, expertise, and industry relationships to forge a resilient path toward sustainability for our clients. We turn vision into action by leading and de-risking the execution of big ideas and driving outcomes for our clients that enable them to reach their ambitions through transformation. For more information, please visit

About Guidehouse
Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to the public and commercial markets, with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. We help clients address their toughest challenges and navigate significant regulatory pressures with a focus on transformational change, business resiliency, and technology-driven innovation. Across a range of advisory, consulting, outsourcing, and digital services, we create scalable, innovative solutions that prepare our clients for future growth and success. The company has more than 9,000 professionals in over 50 locations globally. Guidehouse is a Veritas Capital portfolio company, led by seasoned professionals with proven and diverse expertise in traditional and emerging technologies, markets, and agenda-setting issues driving national and global economies. For more information, please visit

About Copperleaf
Copperleaf provides enterprise decision analytics software solutions to companies managing critical infrastructure. We leverage operational and financial data to empower our clients to make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing extraordinary experiences, shaped by people who care deeply, products that deliver exceptional value, and partnerships that stand the test of time. Copperleaf is a patron of The Institute of Asset Management and actively participates in shaping the future of asset management standards, including ISO 55000. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide. Together, we are transforming how the world sees value. For more information, please visit

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