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Marc Strigel

Associate Director

Operational Effectiveness

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Marc Strigel is an associate director in the Financial Services practice. He has more than 14 years of experience in management consulting, financial and claims operations, IT project management, vendor governance, system integration planning, post-acquisition integration planning and program management, and risk assessment and controls. This experience allows him to proficiently marry the worlds of operations and IT in the projects he manages.

Marc is a Lean Six Sigma Sensei as well as a Six Sigma Green Belt. He has had numerous opportunities to apply his Lean and Six Sigma skills to projects that result in improved processes, increased customer satisfaction, a stronger control environment, cost savings, and less rework for his clients. Marc is an extremely seasoned project manager that has continually been called back by customers to help them navigate their most challenging issues. Marc has a reputation for great instincts and effectively managing politically heated and high-risk projects.

Recent engagement experience at Guidehouse includes:

  • Served as project lead for multiple workstreams during the acquisition of a major U.S. life insurance company. Led project planning, program execution, and senior management reporting as well as participated in strategy sessions throughout integration and stabilization phases. Guided the creation of multiple project plans, goals, milestones, and key deliverables for optimization phase.

  • Consulted as an expert facilitator for after-action reviews, root cause analysis investigations, and strategic planning discussions. Recognized for his ability to take control of difficult situations involving many groups with conflicting interests and drive the teams toward a common goal. Built a fact-based case to present to the teams and conducted a root cause analysis exercise, identified opportunities for improvement, and completed an agreed-upon plan for continuous improvement.

  • Managed the identification, review, analysis, and transfer of nearly 1,000 vendor relationships supporting an acquired individual life business. Supported and advised the business operations, with the objectives of preserving necessary business operability, while optimizing the inventory of vendors to align with ongoing business strategies.

  • Served as a project manager for the integration of a service delivery workstream that was acquired through the purchase of an individual life business.

Prior to joining Guidehouse:

  • Marc oversaw the day-to-day operations of a 55+ employee claims processing facility. Key responsibilities included making accurate indemnity payments on multimillion dollar settlements and billing them appropriately to insurance carriers. Managed $1.8 billion in indemnity and defense counsel payments over a 4.5-year period. Improved claim processing times through various methods such as automation, leveraging shared data and services, improved exchange of information, and better communication with council and claims negotiators.
Lean Six Sigma Sensei

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marc strigel, Guidehouse

Marc Strigel

Associate Director


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