Guidehouse’s First Anniversary

Scott McIntyre
Chief Executive Officer

As we mark our first year at Guidehouse, I want to share some thoughts heading into an exciting and rewarding 2020 year ahead.

First, I want to recognize the hard work each member of the Guidehouse team has demonstrated this past year.  Through our shared passion for solving those ‘top of the fold’ complex challenges facing our clients, we continue to build new levels of trust for Guidehouse through the delivery of innovative solutions that matter to our clients and the communities they serve.  

Across the public sector and into commercial markets, our work is instrumental in ‘solving today’s toughest problems and building trust in society’ in a very deliberate manner. I hope all of our people feel proud and are inspired by the work we have the privilege to do with our clients, the value we get to add to society, and the growth we enjoyed in the process. With this strong foundation, Guidehouse is poised for growth in 2020.

Now more than any other time in history, the pace of change and the complexity of challenges facing our world are more pressing to our security, health, social welfare and economic stability.  Guidehouse has a role in helping to solve these problems and in building a better future.  We are the GUIDE who knows the map and the terrain to lead clients confidently into a future of growth, resilience and trust.  

In many situations, this requires us to blaze new pathways for our clients and pioneer approaches for solving tough challenges that break away from the status quo and old ways of thinking. We don’t settle for common in our solutions or in who we hire. Instead, we push ourselves to dream big in how we address our clients’ needs and then GUIDE them to do the same. We focus on using forward-looking insights and innovations to help our clients solve tomorrow’s challenges today. 

So, as we reflect on our work and look ahead to 2020, our Guidehouse mission to solve problems to build trust in society remains our core driver in uniting us with our clients and with one another. This focus will undoubtedly ensure growth and greatness for our company, success for our people and impact for our clients in the years to come. 

Thank you all for a terrific first year!