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Community Outreach

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Council supports our mission to engage, inspire, and empower our professionals to solve big problems and to make a positive impact on our communities where we work and live. We strive to support each of our employees in what they are passionate about and how they like to give back. Employees are encouraged to drive positive change by dedicating their time, money, and expertise to non-profit organizations in the communities where we work and live.  

Guidehouse employees contribute thousands of hours each year to local organizations through skills-based volunteerism, donating their time and money, and sharing their expertise with communities in need.

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Giving and Volunteering Programs

The philosophy behind our Giving initiative is to empower our professionals to follow their passions and give back in a way that is meaningful to them. We support this through a company matching program, a recurring donation capability, volunteer rewards, employee-led giving campaigns, annual company-wide campaigns, and creative fundraising opportunities. We also offer support for larger grant sponsorships and board member support. 

The Volunteering Program at Guidehouse provides guidance and motivation to encourage our professionals to harness their passion to partner with local, national, and international non-profit organizations. Through an online platform, employees can create volunteer opportunities and invite their colleagues to join, or search for local ways to get involved. Through a dollars-for-doers program, employees can track their volunteer hours and earn money into a charitable giving account. 

Learn How We Give Back to Our Communities

Pro Bono Consulting

At Guidehouse, we admire our clients’ missions creating a culture inspired to do good. Guidehouse uses our skills and perspective to offer organizations pro-bono consulting services. Through these efforts, we help non-profit organizations solve tough problems and realize their full potential in serving the community.

We are developing pandemic and social justice-related programs to leverage the knowledge and expertise at Guidehouse to help support our vision for solving big problems and building trust in society. Guidehouse used the lessons learned from our 2020 pilots, along with best practices from other established pro bono programs, to develop a repeatable and effective program for 2022.

Board Services

Professionals at Guidehouse are equipped with skillsets and perspectives that make them ideal leaders and advisors. Under the Board Service pillar, we seek to identify candidates for board service, match them with local and national non-profits, and support them to be great board members through training, thought leadership, and information sharing of best practices. This program is in the early stages of development, but has partnered with our Learning & Development team to create training and has identified partner organizations to help place our professionals on boards. We strive to create a Center of Excellence where employees can receive mentorship, training, Board matching, and more. 

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