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Guidehouse recognizes the market landscape for utilities and energy companies is rapidly transitioning to one that requires a cleaner fuel supply, increased reliability, improved resilience, and more control over energy costs for customers. These factors, combined with the traditional requirements for safety, reliability, and low energy costs, will require utilities and energy companies to consider more rapid adoption of new business models, advanced technologies, and alternative rate designs and pricing options.  

Guidehouse assists at all stages of energy program creation and new business ventures, from road mapping and development, to evaluation and implementation. For utilities and energy companies just starting a transition, we provide the foresight and planning necessary to develop an Energy Cloud Playbook, outlining a strategic vision and roadmap, and fully leveraging opportunities along a transitional path. For utilities and energy companies with well-crafted plans, our experts draw upon proprietary tools, developing new programs, launching products and services, designing alternative rates, providing deep engineering analysis, and evaluating technology options to operationalize strategies. As utilities and energy companies embark on the implementation stage of new programs and business ventures, Guidehouse provides experienced change management support, delivering results ahead of schedule, under budget, and with lower risk levels.

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