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Guidehouse biomass consultants provide strategic and operational advice on the topics of biomass and bioenergy. We understand the practical and political challenges that inform business decisions and provide detailed insights across sustainability, technology, supply chain organization, feedstocks, and end-user markets.

Strategic operations advice
We offer a holistic approach to improve the economic viability and sustainability performance of existing bio-based activities, and to incorporate new bio-based solutions into clients' existing businesses.

Sustainable feedstock sourcing strategy

Guidehouse identifies feedstocks that match technical and sustainability requirements, explores regional or sectoral potentials, designs supply chain strategies, and identifies strategic partners.

Project development services
We assist with benchmarking conversion technologies, the development of business plans, preliminary plant design, and pre-selection of technology suppliers. We also help with Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) trajectories.

Sustainability performance advice
Guidehouse assists clients in better understanding the sustainability impacts and risks of their bio-based products by providing insight into the arguments of proponents and opponents of bio-based development. We assist in monitoring sustainability impacts and develop strategies to continuously improve performance. 

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