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Guidehouse’s strategy and market assessment solutions enable clients to understand current market conditions and future trends for clean energy technologies. We help develop strategies to capture opportunities created by the emerging clean energy ecosystem. 

Market adoption forecasts and analysis
Guidehouse helps clients understand and forecast the market adoption of emerging technologies based on cost, performance, and other relative market acceptance criteria.

Market and competitor assessments
For manufacturers seeking to introduce new clean energy technologies to the market, Guidehouse evaluates the cost and performance of competitive products, as well as the company’s other functional strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, to help clients optimize product development and market strategies.  

Public policy development
Guidehouse helps federal, state, and local government agencies to evaluate clean energy policy options to understand the costs and potential impacts while developing successful solutions. 

Labeling program development
Guidehouse helps clients drive the market adoption of energy efficient appliances and the development and retrofit of efficient green buildings by supporting programs that provide comparative energy use information to consumers. 

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