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Guidehouse’s efficiency standards and test procedure design solution provides clients with the tools to propel energy efficiency policy. Facing increasing pressures for resource conservation and awareness of the environmental impacts of energy-consuming products, our clients can weigh comprehensive, long-term benefits and the costs of moving markets toward higher efficiencies.

Test procedure development
Guidehouse’s team of experts use in-house and external laboratories to establish test methods that measure a product’s energy and water use accurately, fairly, and consistently. The resulting metrics serve as the foundation for efficiency standards and energy labels.

Efficiency standards development
When our clients are considering establishing new efficiency regulations or increasing the stringency of efficiency standards, we assess the market and technology landscape over the next several decades to determine the economic impacts to manufacturers, consumers, and the environment. Our substantial product expertise helps clients understand unique challenges in the marketplace imposed by new or revised standards.

Reverse engineering and cost modeling
Guidehouse uses a proprietary, unparalleled teardown and cost modeling process to tease out the incremental costs of higher efficiency products, isolating the impacts of the design changes associated with reductions in energy and water use. This information provides critical insights into the economic impacts of future standards.

Consumer impacts
Guidehouse assesses performance, as well as capital, energy, and other operating costs of advanced technologies to understand consumer impacts.

Environmental impact assessments
Guidehouse evaluates greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts of various technologies.

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