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Strategic Market Development

Using proven, proprietary methodologies, our consultants provide data-driven critical thinking and analysis to deliver the scientific validation and actionable insights our clients need – before investing too much or overcommitting too early.

Through comprehensive, fact-based research and analysis, we determine the realizable market potential for medical technology and pharmaceutical products as accurately as possible. Our strategic market assessment methodology also informs every stage of product development, spanning clinical trials, fundraising, commercialization, marketing and market development investments, as well as partnership, acquisition, and exit.

Our Science of Market Development methodology, as pioneered by Dymedex Consulting (now part of Guidehouse), utilizes 14 critical factors to identify, assess, and reduce market risk to help promote the commercial success of ventures. This rigorous process uncovers opportunities, avoids costly pitfalls, increases value, and reduces time and investment.

As a result, we help clients align across the organization, achieve key milestones, successfully secure funding and develop more powerful go-to-market strategies. Our solutions include:

  • Strategic Market Assessment (SMA)
  • Market development, entry and launch strategy
  • Clinical development strategy
  • Global geographic prioritization
  • Portfolio management\Product planning and development
  • Revenue and growth forecasting

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