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Complex, highly regulated industries are flocking to robotic process automation (RPA). Software robots offer major improvements in processing speed for most routine tasks, with significant reductions in error rates. With their unlimited attention spans, RPA “bots” don’t take coffee breaks, lose focus, or make “careless” mistakes.

The potential result: Vast improvements in efficiency and reduced costs.

Yet while deciding to use RPA might be simple, organizations invariably face challenges as they begin the implementation processes. Our RPA experts can help you mitigate the risks and achieve a smooth transition throughout your RPA capability journey. Our services include:

  • Vendor selection — We conduct vendor due diligence and help you select the most appropriate RPA software provider for your enterprise.
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) creation and management — When custom tailored to your business, your RPA CoE can guide your adoption of RPA to fit your infrastructure and anticipate your requirements. We can help you create your CoE and provide support as it grows to meet your needs.
  • RPA solution identification — We help identify and prioritize the ideal solutions for RPA application.
  • RPA solution design and development— Our experts can help define business requirements for RPA implementations and develop, test, and release the underlying code.
  • Governance — RPA requires companies to think differently about risk, oversight and controls. We can help you design and implement an RPAgovernance structure.
  • Compliance — Thanks to our expertise in highly regulated, complex industries, we help you ensure that that RPA implementations meet and enhance compliance with all existing regulations, and prepare you to adapt to future requirements.
  • Control Room — Once released, Bots need to be effectively scheduled and monitored. We can help you set up the procedures and roles to effectively manage your portfolio of Bots.

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