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Data Protection and Privacy

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Data Protection and Privacy Overview
Cybersecurity normally refers to the security mechanisms an organization puts in place to protect its IT systems and information commonly referred to as data
ICIT Bright Minds - Rushing to Automation
ICIT's Bright Minds Q&A with Don Heckman
Cybersecurity & Risk Management 2021
Financier Worldwide Magazine In Depth Feature
Risk Management Framework Modernization
A modern Approach to Identifying, Controlling, Assessing and Monitoring Risk
The War Against Cyberthreats in Healthcare: Cybersecurity Expert Cindi Bassford
Cindi Bassford and Harry Greenspun, MD, discuss the inevitability of cyberattacks in healthcare and the importance of organizational preparedness.
Preparing Utilities for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
In an article for Energy Central, Guidehouse Insights shares how utilities can protect against cybersecurity threats from technology advances

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