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Practical Insight and Clarity

Guidehouse’s financial accounting experts provide executives with practical advice, perform internal investigations, and interact with external stakeholders, including independent accounting firms and regulators.

Navigating the maze of generally accepted accounting principles, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Securities and Exchange Commission regulations — and applying them to your unique business situation can be challenging.

Our accounting consultants can help you clarify the process of calculating damages and applying accounting procedures to your business, and work with you to evaluate the appropriateness of judgments made by accountants and outside auditors. Our solutions include:

  • Technical accounting and financial guidance
  • Interpreting and applying new accounting pronouncements
  • Post-acquisition support
  • Internal controls guidance

We work in close cooperation with your auditors and advisors to ensure the usability of our results and we work with accounting specialists from the Big Four accounting firms, as well as numerous other accounting, tax, and legal services providers.

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