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Fintech, Payments, and Digital Assets

Guidehouse helps financial institutions build, scale and manage their payments business by helping them to navigate a complex and changing environment.

Combating Fraud and Bolstering Payment Integrity in Medicaid Telehealth Programs
Now is the time for states to implement strategies to mitigate the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse for telehealth services.
Secure Your Organization with Remote Identity Proofing
6 steps to prove user identities online before authenticating them to your information systems
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Latest Surveys and Reports

Staying Ahead of the Fraud Curve
Solid Risk Assessment Is the Foundation of a Best-in-Class Fraud-Control Program
The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020

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Machine Learning Leads the Next-Gen Battle Against Financial Crime
Study in Partnership with Compliance Weekly and Internal Compliance Association (ICA)
The Trend Toward Faster, Safer Payments
American Banker Executive Summary
Using Technology to Battle Forced Labor in Supply Chain
Article co-created with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and Quantexa
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