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Identity Access Management

IAM provides the right people, the right access, at the right time.

Identity and Access Management 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the cornerstone of cybersecurity. It builds the underlying foundation of zero trust, and it’s critical for security in both traditional networks and cloud-based architectures, connecting technology, people, and processes. 

Organizations are in different stages in the process of migrating to ZTA (zero trust architecture), from researching, to preparing systems, to removing the traditional perimeter. Many have struggled with procurement and deployment of the right tools due to lack of funding, reliance on legacy systems, and inability to properly staff migration projects. 

To address some of the common problems with zero trust adoption, the Biden administration released an executive order in 2021 to improve national cyber security.

Guidehouse advisors will help you develop an identity and access framework which provides the right people, the right access, to the right resources, for the right reasons. Guidehouse takes an identity-centric approach when providing organizations with a tailored Identity Access Management solution, with the principles of zero trust built into the plan. Our IAM consultants will help you define a clear vision and strategy, architect the technical solution that best meets your IAM road map, and fully deploy and operate IAM systems or programs.

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