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Incident Response and Prevention

Improve Cybersecurity Readiness

Guidehouse Incident Response and Threat Management Framework

If you experience a data breach, we provide cyber incident response and recovery services to help you identify and contain the threat. We utilize a four-step approach that aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) definition of incident response to help organizations quickly and effectively respond to ransomware attacks and data breaches:

  1. Preparation. Have a plan of action and be ready to respond.
  2. Identification. If a breach has occurred, assess its severity, and identify how the threat actor accessed environment.
  3. Containment and Eradication. Stop the threat actor and minimize damage.
  4. Recovery. Post-incident rebuilding, lessons learned, and training.

By establishing and optimizing security and governance controls and implementing a response strategy with ongoing monitoring and training, we help your organization to minimize the disruption caused by cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Litigation Support

Guidehouse has the experience and depth of knowledge to provide subject matter expertise to global law firms who respond to cyberattacks and data breaches suffered by their clients. As the law firms prepare for litigation, Guidehouse complements legal expertise with deep information technology and cybersecurity domain knowledge. Learn more about threat intelligence and litigation support.

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