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Cloud Adoption Strategy for High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing has been critical to helping organizations solve their most challenging problems.
High-Performance Computing
Growing Competition Means Evolution for HPC Providers
Building an Intelligent Operating Model
Through Data, Software, and Community Platforms
Building Intelligent Applications is an Act of Business Stewardship
Getting the best results from automation and intelligent business applications requires first-rate leadership and business processes as much as great tech
How Can Pharma Companies Join the Digital Therapeutics Revolution?
Guidehouse’s Maya Desai and Andrew Fraser address the various steps digital therapeutics companies should be considering as they build their launch playbooks beyond the traditional commercial activities.
Advancing Government Data Modernization Strategies
Donna Knutson joins Keeping IT Brief to discuss how all levels of the government can work with commercial businesses to define, collect, and analyze health data.
ERP is Not a Time-in-Grade Investment – Demand an ROI
By shifting their mindset around enterprise resource planning, healthcare leaders can go beyond technology implementation to strategically redesign, revitalize, and transform their operations.
2021 Provider Health IT and Corporate Services Trends
Three-Times More Hospitals Have Deployed Automation Technologies Since 2020, Guidehouse/HFMA Analysis Shows

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