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Managed Services for Financial Services

Keep Bad Actors Out and Compliance Costs Down

Guidehouse Expands Financial Services Advisory
& Managed Services Footprint Globally 

Guidehouse is expanding the firm’s Financial Crime Solutions and Managed Services
offerings globally, announcing a new location in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Financial Services Consulting

Fraud Insights

Don’t Wait to Optimize Fraud Technology
A dynamic threat requires a dynamic and targeted response from financial institutions
Staying Ahead of the Fraud Curve
Solid Risk Assessment Is the Foundation of a Best-in-Class Fraud-Control Program
Beyond Sanctions
The sanctions in response to Russia-Ukraine conflict are very dynamic and are constantly evolving. This article references events and developments current as of April 11, 2022.

Machine Learning Leads the Next-Gen Battle Against Financial Crime

Global survey aims to determine the prevalence of machine learning adoption in fighting financial crime and its effectiveness at reducing risk. 

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Guidehouse’s Managed Services solution combines industry expertise, tools, and proprietary technology that effectively and efficiently drive operational excellence and regulatory compliance. We can operate an entire compliance function with your oversight, or simply augment existing staff with our seasoned professionals, offering the flexibility and scale to overcome temporary challenges or unforeseen surges in activity.

Salvatore LaScala, Head of Global Investigations and Compliance practice

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