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Patient Access Solutions

Transform Your Patient Experience with Industry Leading Contact Center/Digital Front Door
and Patient Access Solutions for Hospitals and Physician Groups

Consumerism is on the ascent, creating new realities for health systems to compete with new competition such major retail chains. Maintaining customer loyalty and acquiring new customers is vital to driving volumes and revenue. Access strategy centered around consumers is anchored with a next generation consumer contact center that is powered by digital access technology (digital front door). Together, the contact center and digital technology move beyond functions and capabilities to a model that will provide every customer with a consistent, personalized, high quality, repeatable experience for every interaction across the health system.

The Guidehouse consumer contact center and digital front door offering include end-to-end consulting, technology and implementation support to build an access strategy solution that aligns with the goals, values and mission of the organization.  

Our solution is nimble and will align with budgetary needs including a rapid assessment to understand your contact center and digital front door maturity level to define the most appropriate approach to build or evolve your current state.

Guidehouse works with you, taking a comprehensive approach to improving your current situation and designing your tomorrow. Our solution delivers an end-to-end blueprint including:

Access Strategy and Vision
An explicit enterprise-wide strategy and vision to create a unified approach for patients to access services through a shared services model and expanded self-service options.

Implementation Roadmap
A cohesive roadmap that is aligned with the overall enterprise strategy leveraging qualitative and quantitative analysis. The framework should be hyper-aware of the organization’s identity and operating context and contemplate innovative models to create a 3-5 year roadmap.

Operating Model and Change Management
A well-defined operating model with ownership, roles and resource development is important. A clear articulation of communication and change management is important to achieve desired results.

Process Improvement
Continuous focus on the design, build, implementation and ongoing adherence to standards which result in improved operational development and process efficiencies.

Next Generation Technology
Use of integrated, scalable technology, including RPA/AI, predictive analytics, EHR optimization, omnichannel structure, and digital health to support the customers’ ability to easily access services.

Metrics and Ongoing Accountability
Defined, tracked, and fully integrated metrics that matter. Alignment of goals among all key stakeholders across the enterprise.




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