Great Minds
Don’t Think Alike

At Guidehouse, we are searching for people who think like us. Which means, people who think totally unlike us. Individuals who bring unique perspectives and unconventional problem-solving skills inspired by diverse backgrounds. That’s how innovation is curated.

While we may be a new name in consultancy, we were born from a storied one. Guidehouse was founded in 2018 as an evolution of PwC Public Sector with a mission to help our clients deliver on their mission; providing bold new strategies that catalyze transformative results across all ends of the enterprise.

We embrace brilliance. We embrace independence. Join us.

Job Openings

A Position to Succeed

Guidehouse is now looking for innovative minds to fill positions across all sectors of our business. Visionary thinkers who view every challenge as an opportunity. Ready for the future and all of its many possibilities.


Digital natives, this is your tribe.


Help us help leaders transform their enterprise.


Show our clients the beauty of managed disruption.


We want the largest of managed disruption.


You know that success is always in the details.
Careers Diversity

Disruptive Diversity

Guidehouse views diversity as more than a hiring practice; it is at the very core of our competitive advantage. We are creatives, disruptors and problem-solvers. We look like the future, and that makes us better equipped to see it.


Learn. Grow. Evolve. Succeed.

Great leaders are not born, they are mentored. Guidehouse provides a flexible framework for coaching and leadership development with real-time feedback, encouragement and guidance.


A Voice for Veterans

As a veteran of the armed services, you offer skill sets and experience that no other individuals can match. Let us put your leadership and discipline to work for our clients.