I safeguard our financial system from falling victim to criminal enterprise.

Johnny Zhang is keeping the world safe.

In his day-to-day, Johnny is part of our Global Investigation and Compliance team in the Financial Services Advisory and Compliance segment. Subversive and illegal activity. Sanctions violations. Criminal enterprise. Money laundering. How do you stop illicit activities from taking advantage of the world’s financial system? For Johnny, the answer is with absolute integrity. Trust is essential and it’s what he delivers every day.

Johnny is motivated by making an impact, there’s pride in that for him. So, where does one begin when looking for technology gaps and needles in digital haystacks? In the details. It’s important to prioritize, as there is literally tons of information to go through.

Anti-money laundering and compliance is really exciting work. Yes, it’s covert. But it’s all proof that victory can hide in plain sight.

He is Johnny Zhang. He is Guidehouse. #WeAreGuidehouse

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