I make certain my colleagues excel by being central to all they are doing

Nigel Estick is mission control.

Nigel is on the front lines of behind-the-scenes which puts him in an interesting position. Nigel works to make certain that people succeed. For all intents and purposes, Nigel is a steady hand. And there’s value in that. There’s trust in that. And trust is the lynchpin of every relationship. From his peers to the executives, Nigel treats everyone the same.

Nigel thinks it’s important to be able to adapt. The reality is fires arise all the time and a thoughtful approach extinguishes calamity. Prior to working at Guidehouse, Nigel worked in the NBA and in luxury fashion, and while those worlds are far from his current role, the fundamentals are the same in that for success to happen on the front lines, success needs be to front and center in the spaces and places people don’t see.

He is Nigel Estick. He is Guidehouse. #WeAreGuidehouse

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