I create lasting processes to improve patient outcomes.

Peg Tinker is enduring.

In her day-to-day, Peg takes on complexities, problems, and issues that plague healthcare delivery for providers, payors, and governments, impacting patients they serve. It’s an enormous undertaking, but as Peg likes to say, “you can’t wear me out." Her mission is to create lasting processes that will improve lives while lowering healthcare costs.

For Peg, success comes from being investigative, adaptive, resourceful and creative. In the world of healthcare, there are no easy answers. And what my years in this line of work — and being a licensed social worker — have taught her is there is no one best way to practice. You better have strong solutions that can be creatively molded to the unique character of our clients and their needs.

Associate Director of Value Transformation is what’s printed on her business card. Restoring Healthcare seems more fitting though.

She is Peg Tinker. She is Guidehouse. #WeAreGuidehouse

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