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Our teams apply experience, foresight, and industry expertise to pinpoint emerging opportunities to help build, manage, and protect business value.

Re-entry program Overview

Our 16-week Chicago-based professional re-entry program is designed to help individuals resume their career. The program, which reopens in 2020, offers an opportunity to refresh your skills and take part in a robust training curriculum, impactful work, and receive mentorship from senior leaders.

We are recruiting high-performing professionals who have taken a break from employment for two or more years. There are opportunities available in a variety of business functions and practices including: Healthcare, Energy, and Guidehouse Business Services (Marketing, Information Technology, Human Capital, Finance/Accounting, Operations, Analytics).


Guidehouse is a participating employer in the 2019-2020 AARP and iRelaunch Return to Work Initiative, if you would like more information on this, please visit the AARP website.


Work side-by-side with clients and deliver powerful results and continuously build and enhance your personal brand.

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The best part of my experience with Guidehouse has been the people. I feel very fortunate to work on a team with a strong sense of collaboration and support for one another. Not only do I have tremendous respect for my colleagues, I enjoy working with them as well.

Suzanne Blanton, Senior Manager

Application Process

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    If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity with Guidehouse, please visit our Job Search portal to view our current openings.

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