Case Study

Supply Chain Illumination Strengthens Critical Platform

Client strengthens the delivery and development of critical maritime platform.


Guidehouse was engaged to perform an illumination of the supply chain for a critical maritime platform. The customer wanted to understand their supply chain better, identify specific risks, and prioritize concerns for further action. The purpose of the supplier due diligence was to identify suppliers, validate the legitimacy and credibility of organizations, and assess compliance with regulatory authorities. 


The Supply Chain Solutions Team aggregated large, complex data sets from multiple sources, including open-source research, to provide the client with insights into this national security supply chain. Guidehouse consultants applied a scalable, repeatable supply chain illumination approach that leveraged government and commercial best practices, including:

  • Developed risk ratings to focus on areas of concern
  • Conducted open source, commercial due diligence
  • Assessed the strategic impact 
  • Provided mitigation and remediation recommendations
  • Implemented continuous monitoring for critical and sensitive components and entities 

In addition, Guidehouse performed Industrial Base Analyses (IBA)s on strategic opportunities and initiatives, including specific market studies, workforce studies, COVID-19 assessments, and contracting improvements. 



Guidehouse completed 200+ supplier due diligence reports on entities within the program network utilizing proprietary databases and publicly-available data sources. Guidehouse’s supply chain analysis enabled the client to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their supplier network. As a result of the supply chain illumination project, the client has deeper and more precise insights into vendors, parts, systems/subsystems, and components. By addressing gaps and risks in their supply chain, this client strengthened the delivery and development of this critical maritime platform.



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