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Custom Change Management Application for Top National Bank

Guidehouse assisted client in re-platforming and expanding an integrated business-driven and change management workflow application.

Guidehouse assisted client in re-platforming and expanding an integrated business-driven and change management workflow application.

  • Guidehouse was involved in all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Established connections to internal client systems using mechanisms such as Kafka messaging and Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints
  • Successfully deployed and supported several complex modules for regulatory change management and policy and procedure mappings for regulatory requirements


Guidehouse was hired by a large U.S.-based bank to assist in re-platforming and expanding an integrated business-driven and regulatory change management workflow application. The application was originally developed and hosted by Guidehouse and had been taken over by the client in 2018.



Due to Guidehouse’s prior experience with the original application and long track record of successful work, Guidehouse was asked to assist with rebuilding the application. The client had selected an Angular frontend, Java backend, and MariaDB/Oracle databases as the technology stack for the rebuilt version of the application.

Guidehouse deployed a combination of U.S.-based and India-based software engineering professionals to provide a thorough solution that covered project management, business analyst, developer, and quality analyst needs.



Guidehouse was involved in all phases of the SDLC, collaborating with the business to gather and refine requirements, planning releases, implementing functionality, assisting the business with user acceptance testing, promoting functionality to the production environment, and documenting and supporting prior releases. Our team worked in the client’s agile/waterfall hybrid development methodology, utilizing two-week sprints to track progress toward large milestone deliverable dates.

Our team wrote tens-of-thousands of lines of code to deliver modules, including regulatory change management, policy and procedure mapping for regulatory requirements, an expedited business-driven change workflow, and customizable real-time Service-Level Agreement tracking.

The regulatory workflows included integration with an internal client system owned by a corporate function. Guidehouse utilized Kafka messaging for real-time system-to-system communication and called API endpoints for batch data updates on daily and weekly schedules.

To support the newly developed functionality, the team added custom message logging for any exceptions, which were configured for alerts through Splunk. Members of the quality control team also built Robotic Process Automation scripts to test various business scenarios in the application and make sure new development did not break the existing features.

In addition to the delivered modules, Guidehouse also worked closely with business and technology partners from the home mortgage lending group to migrate data from their old application to the newly built application. Our team led requirements-gathering sessions, provided field mapping documentation and data dictionaries, reviewed source data for quality control issues, and supported several rounds of test migrations to establish and facilitate a smooth and successful process.


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