Case Study

F-35 Digital War Room AI

Data ingestion and visualization platform replaces over 20 independent manual processes.


The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) wanted to provide actionable data insights to executive leadership and reduce paper-based reporting. The JPO was interested in creating a large-scale automated data ingestion and visualization platform in the Azure Government Cloud to ingest multiple, disparate data sources into an unstructured repository as an initial proof-of-concept. Upon completion of the platform, the solution now resides within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IL5 environment and rearchitected as a technology-agnostic containerized product for further scale, redundancy, and expansion within the JPO.


Guidehouse designed a digital solution to automate updates and created a Digital Command Center (DCC) for all phases of the procurement process. The repository populates various data and applies artificial intelligence methods to identify key business insights, such as forecasted spend, predicted contract performance, and sustainment of the weapon system.

This DCC is designed with consideration for scalability and sustainability and replaces over 20 independent manual processes. The platform has infrastructure capabilities including ingestion of massive amounts of data, normalization of data into an interpretable format, storage with indexing capabilities, and AI and machine learning-driven data insights. Guidehouse developed an analytics visualization engine that provides the end users with intuitive ways to interact with the data and answer virtually any question in near real time.


The DCC automated data ingestion effort reduced staff workload and eliminated paper-driven processes and manual reporting. By replacing more than 20 independent manual processes, the time required to brief leadership on project status is reduced, thus increasing the process efficiency. It also provided user-driven analysis and visualizations that can be viewed by executive leadership anywhere and at any time.


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