We use our color palette across our visual system to establish and reinforce a distinct and consistent look and feel.

The primary color palette is composed of four brand colors: Guidehouse Yellow, Guidehouse Orange, Guidehouse Dark Orange and Guidehouse Red.

In addition to the four brand colors, we also use black and white. Colors—plus black and white—are used in roughly equal proportion throughout the system, with no one color being the lead or dominant system color. Instead, within a single application, choose one color, plus black and white.


To maintain visual harmony, our applications will typically use one brand color, plus black and white. White may serve as a color in the graphic element or may function as negative space.

In limited instances, a second brand color may be added as an accent. See page 39 for examples. Consult brand approval when adding a second color. See contact information on page 48.

ADA compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a high visual contrast between typography and backgrounds for on-screen applications. The first chart at right demonstrates accessibilitycompatible contrast ratios for typography. Only the color combinations shown are approved for use with Guidehouse typography.

Note: Neither logo artwork nor printed materials follow the guidelines established by the ADA, only online copy.

Things to avoid

Our colors function most effectively when used as outlined in these guidelines. Please avoid these common mistakes.