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In the simplest form, most businesses are human endeavors.  What separates good companies from great ones are those with an unwavering commitment to building a great work culture that makes employees happy which leads to happier clients and directly impacts the overall success of the business.

Our Culture is built on these three pillars:

People FIRST

Our “People FIRST” culture recognizes that our people thrive on a foundation of teamwork and collaboration. Finding unique ways of teaming, the importance of diversity and the need for innovation as a mindset forms a cultural ‘North Star’ that builds trust and respect across the organization.

We challenge our people to reach and exceed their own personal best, without compromising work quality, principles or mutual respect. And all along the way, we provide them with challenging work opportunities and personalized learning and development programs and performance rewards so they can flourish in a supportive, collaborative, rewarding environment.

With our people FIRST, we deliver differentiated and exceptional work experiences and service to our clients.

Work that Inspires

Our work aligns to our clients’ missions, and offers us something greater than ourselves to build with our colleagues. In this way, it’s the glue that unifies us all and fuels our culture.

Our work is important in shaping a future and impacting a world prepared for whatever confronts our clients. The only way we can achieve this outcome is by creating an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, collaboration occurs naturally, and where we actively challenge the status quo through innovation, disruption and diversity.

In addition to our work, we engage with our employees on issues and activities important to them as a part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility programs, driving volunteer efforts, supporting our veterans, and expanding our community engagement within local, national and global causes.

Diversity as a Force-Multipler

Diversity of culture and race. Diversity of thought … Diversity of experiences … Diversity of client challenges … Diversity of perspectives … Diversity as a force-multiplier.

We believe diversity is broader than race or gender or education or what you are passionate about. It’s all that and more. It’s inclusive; ensuring that each voice is heard, and that we maintain a congenial attitude in seeking to understand one another. It’s present in how we form our teams, how we conduct our work, and how we lead and solve problems for our clients.

Together, we celebrate a multi-generational workplace, recognizing each person brings a different set of experiences that enriches our collective work life and add dimension to the work we perform for clients.

At Guidehouse, our culture is a product of our values which define the principles important to who we are, how we serve our clients and how we treat one another.

Integrity & Trust

Integrity can often sound empty, but at Guidehouse, it is a critical value and determinant of our success. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and ethical standards to build trust in one another, our clients and the societies we serve as global citizens.

Driving Excellence Forward

Excellence drives our desire for mastery in all that we do. Excellence inspires us forward to deliver significant value and impactful results to our clients. Excellence is also a byproduct of building Guidehouse on the Baldrige performance excellence framework and becoming a benchmark of excellence for companies in multiple industries.

Innovation Mindset

Innovation isn’t just something we do. It’s a mindset of how we work - encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, agility and the courage to disrupt the status quo for new solutions addressing clients’ most pressing challenges. It fuels our desire to deliver exceptional work and helps us change to the world.

Team + Work

Teamwork is the heart of our house and how we deliver deeper insight and greater value. Teamwork starts with hiring exceptional people who share a vision to change the world by solving client challenges. It means creating and rewarding collaboration across the business to build career and client confidence.
Our People: Heard in the House
"Guidehouse is a growing company with a bright future ahead."
"At Guidehouse I have the opportunity to create truly innovative work with support from leadership, in a family-friendly environment."
"There are a diverse group of professional people who have knowledge in all areas that add value to the various engagements."
"There is a lot of opportunity to grow your career quickly while working with highly motivated people."
"Lots of potential for growth with a new startup company with the pedigree of a larger firm."
"Partners care about their people, leadership has long term and exciting growth strategies."

Ready to be a part of something exceptional?

Guidehouse is not a traditional consulting firm.

We aren’t a Big 4 accounting firm or a niche start-up.

We are building a new company that marries the discipline of consulting with the freedoms of an entrepreneurial business to deliver disruptive solutions that leads clients forward, builds trusts in society, and challenges our people along the way.

Aren’t you tied of the status quo and ready to support, grow and build something better as we tackle critical problems and help guide clients to success?

Aren’t you ready for Guidehouse?

Guidehouse. Exceptional lives here.

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