Third Party Risk Peer Exchange

We cordially invite you to participate in Guidehouse’s Third Party Risk Peer Exchange – a robust, interactive discussion series – among peers -- comprised of both convenient conference calls and live events.  

Our platform’s objective is simple – create a showcase for diversity of thought, where third party risk industry leaders can openly share and discuss critical issues and emerging trends poised to impact business health, growth and profitability.

Our conference series will cover these priority topics important to you:
Navigating Global Privacy Regulations (GDPR, CCPA) – understanding key features, plausible impacts, operationalization and compliance
Fourth Party Deep Dive – inventorying/categorizing/monitoring; contractual restrictions; regulator expectations
Regulatory volatility and changes – getting ahead of the shifts that affect third party risk


Featured Speakers:

Catherine D. Meyer, senior counsel at Pillsbury

Patrick DellaValle, director at Guidehouse

Eric Duelfer, associate director at Guidehouse

Mike Parrinello, director at Guidehouse

Peter Pearlman, director at Guidehouse

Kathryn Rock, director at Guidehouse

Brian Segobiano, director at Guidehouse


To make each exchange more beneficial, an unattributed discussion recap will be available following each Exchange.


The first installment of 2019 will be a conference call 


Key Contacts

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