2nd Edition Automation in AML Compliance and Modeling

GFMI marcus evans conference

In this conference, attendees will learn how to work with their local regulator to implement automation technologies in AML program and gather sufficient data to comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements. You will also develop machine learning techniques to build a stronger AML model and AI solutions to reduce false alerts. Finally, practical demonstrations on how to avoid “black boxes” in an automated system will enable you to fill out a comprehensive Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).

Guidehouse's Salvatore LaScala and Grace Brasington will present a FIGHTING FINANCIAL CRIME WITH AI - A real world success story - How we leveraged machine intelligence and why regulators are listening. This presentation will provide case studies on intelligent segmentation in anti-money laundering transaction monitoring and sanctions screening. 

Guidehouse's Salvatore LaScala will participate in a panel discussion on Discussing solutions to bring AML modeling and compliance teams together for more accurate alerts on May 14 at 4pm. Salvatore and expert panelists will discuss:




Chicago, IL

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